Best ways to improve the appearance of your garden

photo-1422065669922-919f6097e3dbThe Garden – A Key Part of the House!


The garden is a key part of every single home. In the autumn and winter months, it can become a haven for cosy days and evenings. Crunching leaves under your feet, rushing around in the snow or dancing out in the rain. Spring and summer arrive and flowers are in full bloom. Sitting outside sipping cold lemonade, or having an al fresco meal with friends.

Used throughout the year and by every household member, we can always improve the appearance of our beloved garden. This post will give you some ideas on how.


Flowers are an extremely effective way of transforming any outdoor space. For grassy areas, create beds and for patios, add varied sizes of plant pot. The fabulous thing about flowers, is there are literally hundreds of types and colours to choose from. You can create all sorts of designs! It is also useful that you can choose to plant by seed, for extra satisfaction from growing things yourself. Or buy them ready grown giving you an instant transformation.


Pots can be extremely ornate! They come in various designs and vary in price. Mixing coloured pots of different sizes, will give any patio area a beautiful focal point.

Edging and borders.

Decorative edging can be found in all good DIY shops, and can help bring peoples attentions to vegetable or flower plots. Stones, bark, solar lights and small fence posts can all be used. Put them around your flower beds to create an enclosed space and provide definition.


Water your flowers, feed your vegetables and nourish your soil regularly. This will ensure everything is consistently looking its best. Yes it can be a tiresome job, but mowing the lawn really does make a difference to how your outdoor space looks.


This is where you can make any space unique! Ponds, waterfalls, stepping stones, the only limit is your imagination. Put a fairy door into an existing tree trunk to add some magic, a naughty gnome hiding in the corner, or even an outdoor ornamental butterfly hanging in a tree.


Above only a few ideas are listed, but there are many more for you to discover. The internet has a wealth of hints, tips and products for every outdoor space and size. Grass or patio, flat or steeped, your garden can be made to look as unique and fantastic as you like.

Do some research, draw up your plans, then get outside and above everything, have fun!

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