Different types of seasonal plants to improve gardens’ appearance

photo-1416339657728-db4f81e78693Gardens should be enjoyed all year round, not just in the summer months. If you want to give your garden a new lease of life with colourful and interesting plants throughout the four seasons, then we can help you. Below we share some of the best seasonal plants that can help you to create a year-round garden.


Spring is that time of year when gardens suddenly come to life. Spring flowering bulbs should be planted in October/November, so that they begin to grow and bloom during the early Spring. Tulips are a great choice as they come in all sizes and colours, apart from blue. They are best planted in soil that gets lots of sun and has good drainage. The primrose is usually the first flower to rear its head in the Spring. It comes in yellow, white, blue and pink, and always has a bright yellow centre. This bulb prefers cooler temperatures. The daffodil can be petty much planted anywhere, looks beautiful, and gives off a distinctive floral smell. The pansy, snowdrop and crocus are also wonderful choices. All of these plants are brightly coloured and will instantly breathe new life into your garden after a cold and long Winter.


There are so many Summer flowers and plants for you to choose from. The begonia is a large and blooming flower that can thrive pretty much anywhere and is available in all colours. Sweet peas look best in the cottage garden and smell divine. They are best left to trail up walls or via canes, and can reach a height of up to 6 feet. No summer garden would be complete without the Busy Lizzie. They are used mainly in borders where there is lots of shade, and are available in reds, pinks, purple and white. Other great choices of summer plant are the daylily, nasturtium, roses and hydrangeas.


Autumn is such a beautiful season when reds, oranges and browns dominate the colour scheme of the garden. Chrysanthemums are herbaceous flowers in browns, pinks and bronze colours. They grow incredibly tall and can be cut for use in the home. Michaelmas daisies are another tall perennial that produce honey scented white flowers. They usually flower in late Autumn. Gordonias are also a popular choice for the Winter months as they add a splash of colour to the garden. Other great choices are asters, flowering cabbage and kale.


Many believe the Winter garden to be devoid of plants but this is simply not true. The Winter garden looks lovely with hollies, snowdrops and Winter pansies. The viola is much smaller than the pansy, but are just as versatile and add colour to a garden, even when there is a hard frost. A wonderful Winter bedding plant is that of the primrose, which is available in all colours and sizes.

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