Average lasting of a wooden garden room

Average lasting of a wooden garden room

Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

Wooden and timber garden rooms are the perfect way to complete a home. They offer extra space which you can use in a unique way whether you are thinking of an office, a lounge, a guest room or something similar to an inside garden. To this additional space a wooden garden room will create it will also increase the value of your home.

Getting Started

When you are getting started on planning your garden room you need to think about the location, the size and its function. You need to have an idea to help your builders visualize what you want. They will then offer ideas for windows, doors and roofs depending on your specifications. You will also need to consider extras such as water, electrics and insulation. Your builders will help cover these elements for you if you aren’t sure.

Timber Versus Other Materials

Many people don’t think that timber is a long lasting option when choosing it as the main material for construction but they are wrong. Timber frames are made to last and if constructed and treated properly it can last for over 500 years. Take a look at the Ise Temple in Japan which is over 1300 years old and claims the title of the longest standing timber structure to date.

Make sure to ask your builders about how the beams will be connected because when connecting timber beams joinery makes it stronger. As wood dries after construction the joinery will then also tighten itself as the wood shrinks. Ask your builders if they will be using seasoned wood rather than green wood which is stronger.

Aside from timber framed constructions being sturdy, they are extremely safe in the event of earthquakes, heavy snows and winds. When you are going through the building process make sure you are assured by your builders that all the wood will be treated correctly against termites and mites that could weaken the strength of the structure.

Why Choose Timber

Timber is not only beautiful, safe, solid and easy to work with but it is easy accessible and one of the inexpensive options when adding various structures onto your home. Why not create a beautiful garden room as an add-on to your home which will be long lasting, will increase the value of your home and will be an extra space which the whole family will love to use.

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