How You Can Increase the Value of Your House by Installing a Garden Room or a Veranda

Modern villa with poolBefore we get to know how having a veranda or a garden room improves your home, it’s good to know the difference between the two. A veranda is an extension attached to one wall of a house while a garden room is secured by three more walls on each side. Both serve the same purpose of providing extra space to households. They also give room for outdoor activities such as having outdoor lunch or barbeque with friends. The biggest advantage over the usual outdoor space is that room gardens and verandas provide protection against the hot sun or cold during winter. Below are some of the benefits of having a veranda or garden room.


Increases Storage Space


If you have too much stuff in your house that is giving you a headache, you can always use a garden room or a veranda to store them. This will provide good protection from the sun, rain or other weather conditions that may damage your household items.


Raises the Value of Your House


People are always on the move to look for a better or improved residence. Whenever you want to sell your old home, having a veranda or garden room will ensure you get a better deal from buyers. The beauty and usefulness that this installation adds to your home will help you fetch more money from the property. Recent research from estate agents shows that having a high quality veranda or garden room will increase the value of a home by 5 to 15%. This is a reasonable amount to invest in.


Provides an Authentic Home Design


With the increased competition in the construction industry, it is becoming more challenging to stand out from other homeowners. A garden room is an easy way to make your home outstanding. You will be able to invite your neighbours for a barbeque during any weather because the veranda provides good shade during hot afternoons.


Cuts the Cost of Building a Conservatory


A garden room plays a similar role to a conservatory. You are able to use the room facility for both storage and relaxation instead of having to look for extra storage space. A garden room is also cheaper to construct and maintain in comparison to a conservatory.


Healthy Living


The effects of ultra violet rays on the skin can never be ignored because they can cause major health problems. You can avoid direct sunlight by spending hot summer days in a garden room. The roof shields you from the harmful sun rays, hence ensuring that you stay healthy even when spending your free time outdoors.


Variety of Use


Besides relaxing and storing your items, you can also use a veranda for other things such as having an outdoor office. You can use it as a spa, gym or even a guesthouse. A veranda does not limit you to one specific use; you can always play around with it to meet your needs and increase comfort.

Furniture for Your Garden House or Veranda

Small townhome garden with patio furniture amidst blooming lavender.

Having a veranda or a garden house attached to your home can bring great opportunities for relaxation. It serves a number of purposes – relaxation, spending time with the family, a space where the kids can run riot without destroying your home, communing with nature (in case you have a nice garden), and entertaining friends and family. Everything can be done in the garden house, but for this you need to furnish it with the right kind of furniture.

Some of the most commonly used garden furniture is:

Folding table: A folding table is a great addition to your veranda. It can provide a space to keep your stuff on while relaxing. It can even be used as a dining table. But at the end of the day, it can be wrapped up and put away, making it convenient.

Folding chairs: There are comfortable folding chairs that can be purchased for your veranda. Like the table, these too can be put away after use.

Garden bench: Garden benches add an interesting touch to your open veranda.

Other furniture that can be put in the garden house are footstools, cushion-covered couches, rocking chairs, etc. If you have the space, a swing would also be an excellent addition. You can also add colour and comfort to the furniture by the addition of cushions, sheer curtains, flower vases, and other such items of decor.

Qualities of garden furniture

Durability: Your garden furniture is going to weather the outside climate. If you want your furniture to last long, make sure that it is durable and made for weathering the climate you live in.

Attractiveness: Whether you are going in for the muted look, or the vivid eye-catching appearance, your garden furniture needs to look good. It also needs to blend in harmoniously with the garden and the decor.

Cost: Because garden furniture are exposed to the elements continuously, it makes sense to buy low-cost furniture that can be replaced after a few years. Purchase quality furniture at the lowest price range.

Comfort: Comfort is certainly a factor while choosing garden furniture. You will not be able to relax or have fun in your garden house if the furniture is not comfortable.

Types of garden furniture

Wood: Wood is a long lasting and hardy choice for those who like the ‘natural’ look and it is easy to maintain.

Wicker: Wicker is the quintessential garden furniture and is made from materials like rattan, bamboo, and cane. Wicker is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

Metal: Usually made of aluminum or wrought iron, metal furniture provides a more classic and formal look, and are also easy to clean and maintain.

Plastic: Lightweight and portable, plastic furniture is very easy to clean and maintain. However, plastic furniture is generally not very durable.

With these ideas in mind, you can choose the best garden furniture for your veranda!

Average lasting of a wooden garden room

Average lasting of a wooden garden room

Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

Wooden and timber garden rooms are the perfect way to complete a home. They offer extra space which you can use in a unique way whether you are thinking of an office, a lounge, a guest room or something similar to an inside garden. To this additional space a wooden garden room will create it will also increase the value of your home.

Getting Started

When you are getting started on planning your garden room you need to think about the location, the size and its function. You need to have an idea to help your builders visualize what you want. They will then offer ideas for windows, doors and roofs depending on your specifications. You will also need to consider extras such as water, electrics and insulation. Your builders will help cover these elements for you if you aren’t sure.

Timber Versus Other Materials

Many people don’t think that timber is a long lasting option when choosing it as the main material for construction but they are wrong. Timber frames are made to last and if constructed and treated properly it can last for over 500 years. Take a look at the Ise Temple in Japan which is over 1300 years old and claims the title of the longest standing timber structure to date.

Make sure to ask your builders about how the beams will be connected because when connecting timber beams joinery makes it stronger. As wood dries after construction the joinery will then also tighten itself as the wood shrinks. Ask your builders if they will be using seasoned wood rather than green wood which is stronger.

Aside from timber framed constructions being sturdy, they are extremely safe in the event of earthquakes, heavy snows and winds. When you are going through the building process make sure you are assured by your builders that all the wood will be treated correctly against termites and mites that could weaken the strength of the structure.

Why Choose Timber

Timber is not only beautiful, safe, solid and easy to work with but it is easy accessible and one of the inexpensive options when adding various structures onto your home. Why not create a beautiful garden room as an add-on to your home which will be long lasting, will increase the value of your home and will be an extra space which the whole family will love to use.